Podcast Presentation: 28/9/2010

Today was our last Art and Architecture class and we spent our class time presenting different works that we have studied during the course of the module. It was actually a really great review for the final and helped to clear up some confusion about the abundance of art and architecture knowledge that we have accumulated over the semester. The presentations spanned from Renaissance artwork to modern art and were a great review. The presentation that I found most helpful was that on David’s neoclassical painting, “The Oath of Horatii.” I found the review of this oil on canvas painting to be most helpful because it reminded me of the story behind “The Oath of Horatii.” I completely forgot about the battle between the brothers which is the reason why the brother killed his sister. Having seen so many paintings throughout this course, it can all become a blur so I found the review to be very helpful.

Additionally, I would just like to say that I chose to take this course because I thought it would make me fall in love with Paris and with art. Up to this point in my life I was never the biggest fan of art. I was never one of the people who could go and spend an entire day at an art museum but this course has definitely given me a new appreciation for art. I like that I can now look at a painting or sculpture and analyze it correctly. I love the fact that I can walk into a cathedral and know that I am standing in the nave and that the roof is comprised of ribbed vaults. I am really glad that I took this class; I enjoyed it and I was right, it did make me fall in love with Paris and it opened my eyes to different styles of artwork.


About cristinasartadventure

Bonjour! I am an American girl studying art and architecture in the most beautiful city in the world: Paris, France. This blog will chronicle my art adventures, museum trips, church visits and all sorts of other amazing things that I will see during my stay. Enjoy!
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