Opera Garnier: 21/9/2010

Today was a more architecture based day as we walked around the Opera Garnier and examined the Beaux-Arts style. First off, I love architecture! I find it so much more fascinating than artwork because of its functionality. I found the Opera to be incredibly beautiful and interesting because it is the embodiment of Beaux-Arts style. Beaux-Arts architecture is characterized by symmetry, statues, subtle polychromy or the use of color in an unexpected way and eclecticism; it is a very cool mix of both old and new styles of architecture that make an amazing end result. The Opera Garnier itself was amazing because it featured classical columns with vivid colors such as pinks, purples and greens. It also featured a great deal of gold and marble (classical) but once again, the marble was lavishly colored. Also the Opera is ornamented with Roman style statues (classical) but instead of being made out of marble, they are made out of cement (modern). Additionally, one of these statues, Carpeaux’s “The Dance,” was quite scandalous at the time of its unveiling because of its sensuous and happy nature. Parents did not want their children to see this statue and someone actually tried to deface it by throwing ink at it. I think that the story behind “The Dance” only made it more interesting because as a modern art observer I can not fathom the idea that a statue would be ill-received because the subjects appear too happy. People thought it was inappropriate but I personally found the controversial statue to complement the building nicely. I imagined that the Opera would be very classical-looking, and it was, but it also had a fun and modern twist on it as well which is why I liked it so much.


About cristinasartadventure

Bonjour! I am an American girl studying art and architecture in the most beautiful city in the world: Paris, France. This blog will chronicle my art adventures, museum trips, church visits and all sorts of other amazing things that I will see during my stay. Enjoy!
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