Louvre: 9/10/2010

Rosso Fiorentino, Pieta 1540

Today was Day Two of the Louvre. Not as overwhelming as Day One and overall much more personally enjoyable. I had an amazing time today at the Louvre because I found the paintings we saw today much more interesting than the Pre-Renaissance and Early Renaissance paintings of the first day. I saw Leonardo’s Mona Lisa c. 1503-1506 of the High Renaissance which was very unique because when you look at it, it is like Mona Lisa is staring at you and making eye-contact which is a device not typical of the period. I also saw Veronese’s The Wedding at Cana c. 1592 of the Late Renaissance period. It is the largest work in the museum and absolutely enormous. Veronese paid great attention to detail and what I liked most about it was the fact that although the painting is of a Biblical scene (the wedding at Cana) the characters are clothed in the modern dress of the time. I just found it very unique and interesting and I liked it a lot. However, my absolute favorite piece of the day was something very different from any painting I have ever seen before. Russo Fiorentino’s Pieta c. 1540 is remarkably different from any of the other Renaissance work because it is mannerist artwork. Mannerist artwork features characters in elaborate positions, intensely vivid colors and are incredibly avant-garde in nature. I loved this piece (which was oil paint on wood that was later transferred to canvas) so much because I have never seen any artwork that portrayed a dying Jesus in this way. Jesus looks hurt and natural; there is such anguish on this face that you can feel his pain. Mary looks brokenhearted and disarrayed. Everyone else looks genuinely concerned and the reason that I think that that is important is because there is no sense of resurrection or hope in this painting. It truly looks like the end. What makes this piece even more interesting is the fact that in the midst of the gloom, Fiorentino chose to use incredibly bright and vivid colors like orange, gold and turquoise blue. The colors juxtapose the subject in such a fascinating way that Fiorentino’s  Pieta was absolutely my favorite piece of the day!


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Bonjour! I am an American girl studying art and architecture in the most beautiful city in the world: Paris, France. This blog will chronicle my art adventures, museum trips, church visits and all sorts of other amazing things that I will see during my stay. Enjoy!
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